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Continuation of Counsel-Me-Online

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Are you:

  • In need of counselling, but are too shy or busy to meet face-to-face?
  • Without transportation to make appointments on time?
  • At home with small children, and cannot leave home ?
  • On a low budget, or don't think that you can afford it?
  • Need someone to turn to, but don't know where to begin?
  • I offer help with aboriginal issues; addictions; abuses; anxiety; chronic pain; depression; gender differences and issues; loneliness; menopause; womens' topics; health; poverty; and spirituality,  in a Non-Judgmental and Respective manner.
There is help at your fingertips!!
At Counsel-Me-Online, you have an experienced counsellor right at your fingertips
  • Receive your first orientation assessment FREE and be rewarded with the ability to have your own Life Coach right over the webIn fact, by simply emailing your phone number you may even be able to receive help over the phone!
  • No need to have to schedule yourself around another appointment! 
  • No need to worry about parking, bus fare, taxi costs, babysitters, or handicap access!
Fill-out the information form, on the continuing page.
Don't worry, all information that you provide is confidential, and will NOT be sold, nor directed to any other website.  It will only be used by myself, your Life Coach, in order to make our communication easier.
To be arranged, according to the information that you provide on the information form, on page 2.   


  • Are based on one hour, can be split into smaller, more manageable sessions.


  • Are based on what you can afford Only 5 % of your income, minimum $25.00, Maximum $100.00 per hour.
  • Are payable within 2 weeks of session.  Late payments may result in pre-payment.
  • Paypal, and money orders are accepted, with major credit cards checked for validityMost personal cheques will not be accepted.


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Your Life Coach's Qualifications are:

University of Manitoba, Bachelor of Arts Major: Linguistics Minor: Psychology
Red River College, Applied Counselling, Honours
Addictions Foundation of Manitoba, Substance Abuse Prevention

Work and Life Experience with: AbOriginal Culture and Systemic Abuses, most other Abuses, Addictions, Anxiety, Chronic Illnesses, Chronic Pain, Depression, Displaced Feelings, Frustration, Gender Differences and Lifestyles, Loneliness, Medical System, Menopause, Mental Illnesses, Poverty, and Spirituality.

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